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Auli Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Auli is a town in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand, India, at an altitude of 2,800 m (9,200 ft) above sea level. It is a splendid tourist destination, which makes you dream of many romantic vistas along with adventure activities. Auli is the most ideal place to spend winter holidays. During winter the whole of Auli is covered with snow, the wooden huts and villages of Auli look no less than a European village.

From Auli, you can get a panoramic view of the peaks of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Parvat. In order to promote tourism and winter sports in Auli, the Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation also organises winter sports. You can visit Auli at any time throughout the year, however, in the summer season you get to see lush green meadows, and in winter the snow-capped grasslands.

About Auli Tourism

Auli is known as the best ski resort in the world, as Auli has the honour of hosting the South Asian Winter Games before 2011. These games were hosted by French and Austrian experts. If you are coming to Auli for a week or two, you will need to enrol yourself in a ski course, your ski course will be conducted under the guidance of experts. You will definitely like it. Deodar trees on the slopes of Auli, and thick oak forests reduce the speed of cold winds, which helps the skiers a lot. If you love adventure sports, then Auli is the perfect place for you.

Here you can also take a 4-km gondola or cable car ride, which offers you many spectacular views. Apart from this, there are also some mountain biking trails for biking lovers, which you can do. Along with this, you can also explore the attractions around Auli, which include Joshimath, Badrinath, Kuari Pass, Chenab Lake, and Tapovan etc.

Activities in Auli

There are many adventure activities to do in Auli, if you are an adventure lover, then Auli is a paradise for you.

Trekking and Camping: You can come to Auli for trekking and camping. Because many treks start from Auli. This trek passes through lush green meadows, some of these treks are short, and some treks take up to a week to complete.

Skiing: Skiing is one of the most prominent winter sports in Auli, which is most sought after by tourists. There are only a few skiing resorts in India, out of which Auli is also a major skiing resort.

Cable Car Ride: The cable car gives you many panoramic views. Even if you want to go skiing in Auli, you have to take a ski ride. Because all the skiing destinations are connected by cable.

Auli Artificial Lake: The lake located in Auli is one of the highest artificial lakes in the world, where you can spend time with your family and friends. You get spectacular views of the Himalayas all around the lake. During the winter season, this lake is completely frozen with ice.

Helicopter Himalaya Darshan: If you want to see Himalayas from above, then helicopter tour is ideal for you. The tourism department in Uttarakhand starts a big initiative to visit the Himalayas by helicopter.

Stay in Auli

If we talk about living in Auli, then there is not much accommodation to stay in Auli. If you are looking for a good option to stay during your trip to Auli, then you can look for accommodation in Joshimath. You will find budget accommodation in Joshimath.

Auli Food Guide

You do not find many food options in Auli, however, if you stay in Joshimath, then you get to taste the Garhwali local delicacies as well as many other popular delicacies here.

History of Auli

If we go about the history of Auli, Auli was inhabited by the nomadic Bhotia tribes, which was the centre of trade. Auli is called “Bugyal” in the local language, which means grasslands. The Bhotia people here used to trade with Tibet for barter. Horses were the only means of trade for the Bhotia tribe with Tibet, besides they also travelled on foot to Tibet. These people used to use the mould for training the people who served in the king’s army. Subsequently, the moulds of Auli were used for training the forces of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Now these slopes are used for skiing training for tourists.

Best Time To Visit Auli?

If you want to go to Auli for skiing, then the winter season is the best for it. You can go to Auli for skiing between December and March. However, the weather in Auli remains good throughout the year. If you are looking for pleasant weather, then the months of May to November are the most pleasant in Auli. So let’s now know, the weather of Auli according to the month –

Auli in summer (April – June)

In summer, the whole of Auli is full of freshness, this season is between April to June. The temperature these days remains around 20 degree Celsius. This weather is ideal for trekking and other sightseeing. The cool breeze blowing in Auli in summers refreshes you. Apart from this, you can explore many other attractions like Nandprayag, Valley of Flowers, and Nanda Devi National Park. Auli is the perfect place for you to escape the scorching heat of Delhi, where you can spend your holidays with your family.

Auli in Monsoon (July – September)

Auli is one of those places in India, which receives moderate rains even during monsoon, although you can also visit this place during monsoon season. In the months of July to September, the temperature of Auli ranges from 10 to 20 degree Celsius. But you must be careful while travelling to Auli during the monsoon season, as the roads are slippery.

Auli in winter (October – February)

Although Auli is a year-round destination, if you are coming to Auli for skiing, then you should choose the months of December to February. Auli is crowded with tourists during winters. Because in winter people go skiing on the snow-capped mountains. The temperature of Auli varies from 5 to -1 degree Celsius during winters. Due to the wonderful winter climate, Auli is also an ideal place for honeymoon for newly wed couples in winters.

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