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Chipla Kedar Trek Uttarakhand

Chipla Kedar Trek is one of the best trekking destinations in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Which is situated at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level. It is an exciting and challenging trek, which is not yet known by many trekkers.

Chipla Kedar is a pilgrimage, which provides you with the opportunity to trek through the high meadows during the trekking, you can see many natural scenes during the trekking, apart from this you can see some of the peaks of Nepal from here. You can also watch the scene.

The main attraction of the Chipla Kedar Trek is the Chiplakund (Chipla Lake) located here, which is situated at an altitude of 4876 meters. Here every two years I gather around 40 villages and worship, this worship lasts for 5 days. According to Hindu mythology, this lake is known as the hidden Kailash.

If you love wildlife and have a passion for photography, then Chipla Kedar is a great destination for you. Here you can see many birds and animals like Snow Leopard, Wild Goat, Yellow-throated Marten, Musk Deer, Thar, Bharal (Blue Sheep), Khaleej Pheasant, Western Tragopan, and Pigeon, etc.

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Chipla Kedar Religious Event

The dates of religious events in Chipla Kedar are given by the folk priests here, who are called Dhami Burha or Boniya, they give the final shape to the date of the event here. Around 40 villages take part in this puja. Which all people do with folk dhol, Bhankara (metal pipe instrument). Along with this, people also bring red cloth flags. This event is held at a distance of 6 kilometers from Khela.

How to Reach Chipla Kedar

Chipla Kedar is situated between the Kali and Gori rivers in the south of the Panchchuli mountains in Uttarakhand. The highest point of Chipla Kedar is Najurikund (4497 m). Here people from about 20 villages in Dharchula and Gorikhal regions reach Najurikot in Bhado Poornamasi every third year. This journey starts from Khelo village and passes through dense forests and grasslands and reaches Chipla Chipla Kedar.

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