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Chopta Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Chopta is a small forest area located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Which is situated at an altitude of 2,608 meters above sea level. It is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary itself. Very cool and healthy air blows in Chopta.

It is also known as “Mini Switzerland” of Uttarakhand. The morning view here is very picturesque. It becomes even more spectacular when the first rays of the sun kiss the snow cover on the hills. Chopta is a quiet place, which is full of nature, it is surrounded by deodar trees, you can see many amazing flora in this area.

Why visit Chopta Hill Station?

Chopta Hill Station is situated amidst the beauty of velvet meadows. The Tungnath Temple here is the third holiest of the five Kedars. Chopta is the base for the Tungnath and Chandrashila trekking route. When you take a trekking trip from Chopta to Tungnath, it offers you splendid views of Trishul (7120 M), Nanda Devi (7816 M) and Chaukhamba (7138 M) peaks. Chopta Hill Station situated in the lap of Himalayas is no less than a paradise.

If you are looking for a place where there is peace all around, then Chopta is the perfect choice for you. Because Chopta is an ideal option for those trekkers who are looking for a secluded and natural-filled trek. Chopta forests enhance the beauty of Chopta.

It is part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot many species of birds and musk marg together. The biggest advantage of going to Chopta is that you can also do Tungnath and Chandrashila trek from here, apart from this you can also explore Deoria Tal, located some distance away from here.

Activities in Chopta

Camping – Chopta is an ideal place for camping. Where you can go camping with your family or friends. During this camping trip, you feel as if you are sitting in the lap of nature.

Trekking – trekking in Chopta is also a wonderful feeling in itself. Since the trek to Chandrashila starts from Chopta Valley, it is a medium level trek, which can be easily done by even beginners trekkers. During the trek, you get to see some magnificent meadows, coniferous trees and some quiet settlements. In winter this trekking route is completely covered with snow. Apart from this, you can also do trekking for Deoriatal, from here it takes 4 to 5 days to trek to Deoriatal.

Bird Watching – Chopta is part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see hundreds of different species of birds. If you love bird watching, then Chopta is a perfect option for you. For this, you can come in the month of February to April, these days there are most species of birds here.

Photography in Chopta – You can do a great photography in Chopta. Snow-capped Himalayan peaks, dense forests all around add four moons to your photography. You can also capture 360 ​​degree panorama from Chandrashila peak.

Yoga and Meditation – People also come to Chopta to do yoga and meditation. The serene atmosphere here, and in the green meadows, you can do yoga with a peaceful atmosphere.

About Chopta Tourism

Chopta is known for its trekking route. In which the Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila trek is included. Which is popular among all trekkers. This trek gives you the opportunity to move along many scenic views, which take you towards the lush green meadows. Here you can see many species of birds including the Himalayan Monal. Chopta is completely covered with snow during winters. If you like to see snow, then you can visit Chopta in the months of December-February.

Accommodation in Chopta

To stay in Chopta, you can find many hotels and Swiss tents, which provide you all the better facilities for a nominal fee. Apart from this, you can also stay in Makkuband, Dugalbitta, Baniyakund.

Chopta Food Guide

Chopta is a small village. Where you do not get much choice to eat. Here you find some dhabas on the side of the road, where you can eat food. However, there are also some resorts which give you the option of some cuisines.

Best Time to Visit Chopta Valley

Summer is the best time to visit Chopta. Because all the trekking routes are open during the summer season. If you are planning to visit Chopta, then the best time is from March to May. Chopta Valley changes its weather drastically every season. There is heavy snowfall here during the winter season. So let’s know, complete information about the weather of Chopta Valley –

Chopta in Summer (March – May)

The summer season is ideal for visiting Chopta. The temperature here these days remains around 10 to 32 degree Celsius. The months of March to May are the peak season of Chopta. The sky is very clear in this season, you can see the huge glaciers melting. However, at night you are advised to carry light warm clothes even in this weather. Because it is a bit cold at night. A visit to Chopta will not disappoint you, with vast grasslands, and a wide variety of bird species in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also do a variety of adventure activities in Chopta, which include rock climbing, white water rafting, and rappelling etc.

Chopta in Monsoon (June-September)

Chopta does not receive much heavy rainfall during monsoon. The monsoon season is comfortable in Chopta, the meadows here become even more beautiful during the rainy season. However, there is a risk of landslides during the monsoon season. If you are planning to visit Chopta during the monsoon season, then you should consult the local authorities about the weather before that. If all the roads are clear, then you should visit Chopta during the monsoon season.

If you want to visit Chopta during monsoon, then you can choose the month of September, as the rainfall in this month is less. You can see spectacular views of the Himalayas here in the month of September, this season is also the most spectacular for bird watching in Chopta.

Chopta in winter (October – February)

In winter, Chopta Valley is completely covered with a sheet of snow. The temperature here during this season ranges from -15 to 15 degree Celsius. Due to heavy snowfall, some roads here are closed during the winter season. All these routes are closed at high places, and you are not at that high. Winter season is best for honeymooning couples. You should carry warm clothes with you to visit Chopta Valley in the winter season, because the temperature here drops very low during this season. If you like to play in the snow, then you should also take gloves with you. Chopta Valley feels like a paradise in the winter season. It is indeed a mystical place to spend the holidays.

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