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Gangotri National Park Uttarakhand

Gangotri National Park is located in Uttarakhand, India. Which is one of the major attractions of Uttarakhand. The beauty of this place attracts the tourists to itself. Every year tourists from all over the country and abroad come to visit Gangotri National Park. There are many things to see here, which we will go about in the article below. So let’s first know about Gangotri National Park –

About Gangotri National Park

Gangotri National Park comes in the list of highest altitude wildlife sanctuaries in India, which is located in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The height of this national park is 7,083 meters above sea level. Which is spread over an area of ​​2,390 sq km. If you are planning to visit the national park, then the main attraction here is Gaumukh Glacier, from here the holy river Ganges originates.

Flora in Gangotri National Park

Most of the temperate vegetation is found here. It is surrounded by dense coniferous trees. The vegetation here includes cedar, spruce, and rhododendron. Which makes the outline of this entire area beautiful and attractive. The climate here is different from the plains, due to which you get to see some rare species of animals here.

These include brown bears, musk deer, blue sheep, snow leopards, black bears, Himalayan monal, koklas, and Himalayan snowcock etc. If you like photography, then you can find more than 150 species of birds here. Which you can capture in your camera. Birds and mammals found here include pheasant, pigeon, Himalayan barbet, ibex, tiger, thar, serow, bulbul, etc.

Staying in Gangotri National Park

You do not face any kind of problem staying during your visit to Gangotri National Park. Here you can find many hotels on the way. Out of which you can choose according to your choice and stay in it. You can book hotels here at very affordable prices. You will feel like your home here, this hotel is an ideal option for tourists who want to refresh themselves after a long trek.

History of Gangotri National Park

Gangotri National Park covers an area of ​​2,390 sq km. Where many alpine meadows and glaciers are included. This national park was established in 1989 in Uttarakhand in the Uttarkashi district.

Best Time to Visit Gangotri

If you want to visit Gangotri, what is the best time to visit Gangotri before that? Must know about it. The weather in Gangotri remains cool throughout the year. But the most ideal months to visit here are April, June, September, and October. Apart from this, the summer season here is very pleasant. During monsoon, Gangotri receives heavy rains, due to which traveling here becomes a bit difficult. During the winter season, snow remains frozen all around here.

Gangotri in Summer

The summer season starts from the month of April and lasts from April to May. This is the best time to visit Gangotri. Because where there is a lot of heat in the plains during this season, the summer season in Gangotri is very pleasant and pleasant. The day temperature in this season remains up to 30 °C, but at night the temperature drops below, and the night is very cold.

Gangotri in Monsoon

The monsoon season is from the month of July to September. If you are thinking of traveling to Gangotri during the monsoon season, then it might be a bit difficult for you. Because traveling becomes a bit difficult due to heavy rains. This is the most challenging season of the year. Apart from this, there is also a danger of landslides here, if you want to do Gangotri trekking this season, then for this you should be prepared in advance and go on trekking.

Before traveling during monsoon, you should bring with you trekking pants, water-proof shoes, a windproof jacket, waterproof jacket, waterproof gloves, thick woolen socks, a raincoat, a walking tracking stick, and torch, a water bottle, some dry fruits. , and a power bank for charging the phone, etc.

Gangotri in Winter Weason

The winter season lasts from the month of November to March. Gangotri receives heavy snowfall during winters. Char and thick with snow The sheet is laid. The roads of Gangotri National Park are also completely covered with snow so you do not even know which way you are walking right now. If you like to watch snowfall or trek in snow, then during the winter season you can visit Gangotri National Park with full preparation.

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