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Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary Uttarakhand

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary or Govind Pashu Vihar National Park was created in 1955 in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state, India, the nearest town is Dharkadhi. This national park is spread over an area of ​​958 sq. km. Some of the Himalayan peaks are included in this park, in which Bandarpunch, Swargarohini, Black Peak, etc. are prominent. The altitude of the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary ranges from 1400 meters to 6323 meters, here you can see species of scrub tropical Euphorbia scrub, and oak trees.

Apart from seeing the wildlife in the sanctuary, you can see many other picturesque views of the natural and beautiful here. It is an attractive tourist destination. Here you can see some of the main peaks of the Himalayas covered with snow. Apart from this, you can also see the glacier. If you are a trekker, then you can also go for trekking in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, it is one of the main treks of Doon Valley.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Destination

In the wildlife present in the sanctuary, you can see a variety of wildlife and birds, including Himalayan black bear, tahr, snow leopard, brown bear, bearded vulture, bharal, musk deer, koklas, serow, monal, black eagle, tragopan, Chir, Gold Eagle, Himalayan Snowcock, Kalij Pheasant, and Chukar, etc.

Here you can also stay at Har-ki-Doon Forest Rest House, which is situated in the middle of the forest in the Valley of Flowers. Guesthouses of Osla, Taluka, and Naitwar are also present on this route, which is one of the main attractions here. The main peaks of this region are Kali Peak, Swargarohini, and Bandarpunch.

Activities in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife and Bird Watching: The main activity in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is wildlife watching. More than 150 species including animals and birds are included here. These include Himalayan Snowcock, Golden Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Himalayan Monal, Pheasant, etc. If you love bird watching and photography, then this is the perfect place for you.

Trekking: There are many trekking routes in the sanctuary, of which the main trekking route is Har-ki-Doon. If you love trekking, then this is the perfect place for you. Here you can enjoy your trekking. The natural beauty here attracts you more.

Entrance Fee of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are planning to visit Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, then you must be aware of the entry fee and other charges as well. Apart from the entry fee here, you are also charged some extra fees for the camera. However, this fee keeps on changing. Fees at Govind Wildlife Sanctuary are seasonal. For more details, you can contact the forest officers of the park.

Best Time to Visit Govind National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are going to visit Govind National Park, then it is very important for you to know about good weather to make your trip pleasant and comfortable. The best time to visit Govind National Park is during the summer months of April, May, and June. Apart from this, you can also visit the sanctuary in early winter, for this the months of October and November are ideal.

You should avoid traveling to the sanctuary during the rainy season, as it receives a lot of rain during the rainy season, leading to landslides. Apart from this, you should not travel here even in the winter season, because all the roads are closed due to snowfall in winter.

How To Reach Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary

Going to Govind National Park is very easy, you can reach here by air, road, and train route. So let’s know, how you can reach the sanctuary –

By Air – The nearest airport to the sanctuary is “Jolly Grand Airport”, which is located in Dehradun. You can come to Dehradun and reach Govind National Park by local taxi from here.

By Train – The nearest railway station to the National Park is Dehradun Railway Station. There are daily trains from Delhi to Dehradun. You can come to Dehradun and take local taxis etc. to the sanctuary from here.

By Road – To reach Govind Pashu Vihar National Park by road, you first come to Dehradun or Rishikesh, after coming here you can take a taxi or bus to Dharkarhi, it is the nearest village to the national park. Govind Pashu Vihar National Park is situated at a distance of 17 km from here.

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