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Top 10 Leh Ladakh Tourist Places With Distance

Leh Tourist Places With Distance : The most incredible spots in Ladakh are up for debate because the entire region is breathtakingly beautiful. People are mesmerised by Ladakh’s beauty after viewing its images and videos. However, we guarantee that Ladakh is more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen online.

Geographically speaking, Ladakh is huge and has many tourist attractions. However, we’ll inform you about the main tourist sites that you shouldn’t miss. Ladakh has everything to offer tourists from India and outside, from its lovely high-altitude lakes to the world’s highest mountain passes to old monasteries, distinctive Ladakhi culture, and sceneries.

Ladakh has something for everyone, whether fans of motorcycling or hiking, culture, religion, or appreciate the stunning scenery, high-altitude blue water lakes, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, or winding roads.

Due to the fact that it takes weeks to see both the Leh and Kargil districts of the region, this guide is meant for tourists who are on a tight schedule and want to learn about the top Ladakh attractions to see. We’ve covered every significant tourist destination in Ladakh on one page. On each location, we have included as much information as we could.

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1. Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake

A high-altitude lake known as Pangong Lake or Pangong Tso is renowned for its stunning blue water, which changes colour three to four times every day from dawn to sunset due to golden mountains and sunrays.

The Changla pass, which is 17,590 feet (5,360 metres) high, must be crossed to reach Pangong lake, which is roughly 150 kilometres (90 miles) from Leh (Chang-la). Pangong Lake is located at the height of roughly 14,250 feet (4,350 m).

Take your family and a delicious picnic basket to the lake, where you can camp out and take in the serenity of the surroundings.

Pagong Lake is 150 kilometres from Leh.

2. Diskit Monastery

Diskit Monastery

Diskit (Disket), which is around 120 kilometres from Leh, is the Nubra Valley’s administrative centre. Diskit is known for its Diskit Monastery, the oldest and largest gompa in the Nubra valley, which is situated beside the Shyok River’s bank. Diskit is only 7 km away from Hunder.

As the highest motorable road in the world, the Leh – Khardungla pass – Diskit (Nubra Valley) route passes via the 18,380-foot-high Khardung-la. The majority of the government structures in the Nubra Valley are located in Diskit.

The elevation of the Diskit village is 10,480 feet. The Diskit Monastery, a Buddhist gompa, of the Yellow-Hat sect (Gelugpa) of Tibetan Buddhism is the reason for the fame of the Nubra Valley. The “Festival of the Scapegoat” is held here every February, in the wintertime.

On a hilltop directly below the Diskit monastery, a statue of Maitreya (Jampa Buddha) standing 106 feet (32 metres) tall has been erected. His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, dedicated the statue to the world in 2010 after work on it had begun in 2006. You’ll undoubtedly enter a completely different universe due to the gompa’s relaxing effect.

Diskit Monastery is 120 km from Leh.

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3. Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa

One of Leh’s most popular new tourist attractions is the Shanti Stupa (Peace Temple), which is situated in the upper corner of Leh at Changspa.

Both Japanese and Ladakhi Buddhists worked together to erect the stupa in 1991. The 14th Dalai Lama had Buddha relics enshrined at the base of Shanti Stupa. Buddhists worship at stupas, which are constructed atop hills.

Its construction began in 1983, and two years later, a road leading to the stupa was constructed. Trekking enthusiasts can ascend the challenging stairs to get there. Otherwise, it has good road connections as well.

Due to its high altitude location from Leh city, where one can obtain a panoramic view of the entire city and its surrounding mountains, Shanti Stupa has become a well-liked tourist destination.

Shanti Stupa is 3-4 km from the Leh Main Bazaar.

4. Leh Palace

Leh Palace

The nine-story Leh Palace, which overlooked Leh town and was constructed in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal, is modelled after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

Sengge Namgyal, the nephew of Tsewang Namgyal, who established the Ladakhi Namgyal dynasty, finished building the Leh Palace in 1553. The royal family resided on the palace’s top floors, while the lower floors served as storage areas and stables.

Leh Palace was transformed into a museum and made accessible to guests so they may view royal family heirlooms. Views of Leh can be seen in all directions from the palace’s top.¬†Nearly all areas of Leh city can see the Leh Palace.

Tourists typically get here on foot must visit because of its proximity to the main market. Tsemo Gompa is a monastery that is situated on a mountaintop above Leh Palace.

Leh Palace is at a distance of just 2-3 km from Leh City Centre.

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5. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is a military battle museum run by the Indian Army close to Leh Airport on the Leh-Spituk Gompa route. It displays the weapons, gear, photos, and pictorial history of many conflicts India has fought over many decades.

Everyone should visit the Hall of Fame to learn about how Indian troops fought in numerous difficult conflicts. It has served as a repository for the memories of the brave troops who died fighting for India and Pakistan. There is a gift store and historical items at this tribute to combat veterans.

The Hall of Fame contains numerous vintage weapons, outfits, and relics that soldiers utilised during the Kargil War decades ago. Arms and gear used by soldiers stationed in Siachen Glacier are kept in a designated compartment.

It provides soldiers with bunkers, tents, and winter clothing to help them withstand Siachen’s bone-chilling temperatures, which can occasionally drop below minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Hall of Fame is approximately 4 km from Leh on the Leh-Kargil Road.

6. Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill

On the Leh-Srinagar national route, just between Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and Sangam, the Magnetic Hill region is situated 27 kilometres away from Leh. Tourists swarm here to investigate the integrity of the gravity-defying notion.

Since the geology of the location and the surrounding slopes produce the illusion that the uphill road seems to be a downhill road, Magnetic Hill or Gravity Hill is nothing more than an optical illusion. Tourists, especially those from the plains, fall for this deception and are startled to see their cars rising uphill on the road when they are in neutral gear.

Visitors typically go to Magnetic Hill in addition to other nearby tourist attractions, including the Hall of Fame, Spituk, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Sangam, Alchi, and Likir in the area around Leh town. Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa can both be visited on the same day. These locations are all easily accessible in a single day.

The Magnetic Hill region is situated 27 kilometres away from Leh.

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7. Alchi Monastery

Alchi Monastery

The Alchi Monastery is located in the nearby Leh village of Alchi. About 65 kilometres from Leh, in the Khalsi Tehsil of the Leh District of Ladakh, is the lovely village of Alchi, located near the Indus River’s bank. The Alchi monastery (gompa), the oldest monastery in Ladakh, is what makes the settlement of Alchi notable.

Alchi is renowned for its complex monastery temples. Four distinct communities with monuments from various eras make up the village.

Likir Monastery of Ladakh oversees Alchi Monastery. According to historians, between 958 and 1055, the well-known translator Guru Rinchen Zangpo constructed the Alchi complex. Inscriptions on the surviving monuments, though, attribute it to a Tibetan nobleman named Kal-dan Shes-rab in the latter 11th century.

The Alchi Monastery is 65 kilometres from Leh.

8. Panamik Village

Panamik Village

Panamik settlement, located near the Siachen glacier, the world’s highest and coldest battleground, is well-known for its natural hot springs, known as Panamik Hot Water Springs.

About 140 kilometres from Leh, just before Sumur village and on the way to the base camp of the Siachen Glacier, is the small but charming settlement. Beyond Sumur village and Samstanling monastery is Panamik.

The sulphur content of Panamik’s hot springs is high and beneficial to health. People from nearby villages travel to Panamik to bathe in the hot springs because sulphur is believed to benefit those with joint problems and obesity.

Panamik is at a distance of 150 km from Leh.

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9. Shey Palace and Monastery

Shey Palace and Monastery

On a mountaintop in Shey village, the former summer capital of Ladakh is Shey Palace and Shey Monastery, which are located approximately 15 km from the main Leh town on the Leh-Manali route.

According to historians, the Shey Palace was constructed in 1655 and served as the Namgyal Royal Family of Ladakh’s summer residence. Deldal Namgyal constructed the Shey Monastery inside the compound in 1655 as a tribute to his late father.

A massive statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, standing about 40 feet tall and taking up three monastery levels, is kept there.

Together with the Thiksey monastery, Shey Palace and Monastery is currently a well-liked tourist destination.

Shey Palace and Monastery are located just 15 km from the main Leh town.

10. Rancho School

Rancho School

A Buddhist cultural school called Rancho’s School (also known as Druk Padma Karpo School or Druk White Lotus School) is situated in Shey village, next to Shey Palace and Monastery, on the Leh-Manali Highway in Ladakh, India.

After the Bollywood film 3 Idiots’ climactic scenes were filmed there, and the school gained fame.

The school gained attention after being used for the filming of the smash Bollywood flick 3 Idiots in September 2008. The film’s second half, which was released in December 2009, features the Pangong Lake and the Druk White Lotus School.

From 8 AM to 6 PM, Rancho School is still available for guests.

There is no admission charge. The 3 Idiots School is easily accessible by road. Tourists are welcome to visit the school, but the administration, faculty, and students prefer them to do so quietly and without interfering with their classes.

The Rancho School is just 16 km from the Leh city centre.

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So, if you’re ever visiting Leh and want to explore more of the beautiful area around it, be sure to visit these places for a wonderful experience filled with scenic beauty, rich history, and a deep culture.

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