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Munsiyari Hill Station, Uttarakhand

Munsiyari is a magnificent hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Which is located in Pithoragarh district of Kumaon division. Munsiyari Hill Station is situated at an altitude of 2200 m (7,200 ft).

Munsiyari is full of natural beauty, where you can see the Himalayan peaks covered with a white sheet of snow. The word Munsiyari means “snow covered place”. Newly married couples come here for their honeymoon holidays during the winter season.

Why Visit Munsiyari Hill Station?

Munsiyari offers you splendid views of the Himalayas. From Munsiyari, you can get views of many spectacular snow-capped peaks, including Panchachuli, a group of five peaks, Nandakot, and Nanda Devi. In Munsiyari Valley, you get to see the sacred environment as well as the views of the mountain ranges. Munsiyari attracts all the tourists and trekkers because of its natural beauty.

Many treks are also present here, including Namik Glacier, Milam etc. If we talk about some time ago today, Munsiyari was a completely restricted area for tourists, because it borders India, Tibet, and Nepal. But now Munsiyari is a popular tourist destination of Uttarakhand.

Activities in Munsiyari

Munsiyari is a tourist destination, where you will find many adventure activities to do. You can enjoy many activities here. So let’s know, which activities you can do in Munsiyari –

Trekking and Camping: There are many trekking routes in Munsiyari. You can start your trekking journey by coming here. Even if you are a beginner trekker, there is a trek covered here for you. Namik Glacier, Milam Glacier, and Ralam Glacier are treks that start from Munsiyari.

Bird Watching: If you love bird photography, then Munsiyari is the perfect place for you. Many species of birds reside in the dense pine trees here. These include Himalayan Griffon, Falcon, Wagtail, Raven, Snake Eagle etc.

Rural Tourism: You can visit Munsiyari and its surrounding villages after completing all your tours. Where you can learn about the customs and culture of the local people.

Shopping in Munsiyari: You can buy some things from the Munsiyari market to make your memories. In which you can buy handmade carpets and some plants associated with the Himalayas.

Stay in Munsiyari

As already told to you, Munsiyari is popular for trekking, the route of many treks starts from here. Mostly you get trekkers here. When it comes to accommodation in Munsiyari, you can find budget guesthouses with limited amenities to stay here. If you have all the camping equipment, then you can also go camping in Munsiyari.

Munsiyari Food Guide

There are not many food options available in Munsiyari. Here you can find any good roadside stall and eat food. Here you can find North Indian dishes, and Chinese dishes, including momos, noodles, etc.

History of Munsiyari

Munsiyari consists of 8 to 9 villages, Munsiyari is a magnificent hill station situated at the mouth of Johar valley, Gori Ganga flows here, Milam glacier also falls in this way. You can see different types of bird species in the valley of Gori Ganga. Earlier, nomadic Bhotia people lived here and used to trade with Tibet. But trade with Tibet was closed in 1962. Because of this, the native people had to migrate to other places.

Best time to visit Munsiyari?

However, Munsiyari is a must-see destination throughout the year. But in the summer season, it attracts more tourists. Because in the summer season you can see the clear landscape of all the peaks of the Himalayas here. Apart from this, away from the scorching heat of the city, the cold winds in Munsiyari give you a feeling of freshness.

Munsiyari also includes some challenging activities, which include trekking, river rafting and hiking. If you like to spend holidays in the snow, then you must visit Munsiyari from November to mid-March, as the entire Munsiyari is covered with a blanket of snow during this season. So let’s know, which is the best season to visit Munsiyari, according to the months –

Munsiyari in summer (March – May)

If you want to spend the summer holidays with your family or friends, the Munsiyari season is favorable from March to May. This weather not only saves you from the scorching heat but apart from this you also get to do many trekking trails here. It is pleasant weather these days the temperature of Munsiyari remains around 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can go here to visit places like Birthi Falls, mythical Bethulidhar, magnificent Panchachuli Peak etc. River rafting is a better option in the summer season.

Munsiyari in Monsoon (June – September)

The monsoon season lasts from June to September. Munsiyari is filled with the brightest green tea this season. The natural colors all around add to its beauty. But in this season you should avoid traveling to Munsiyari. Because many roads are completely closed due to heavy rain. Due to landslides, the pieces of the mountain fall on the roads. During monsoon, the temperature in Munsiyari is around 20 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Munsiyari in winter (October – February)

The temperature of Munsiyari falls very low in winter, these days the temperature in Munsiyari remains around -12 to 20 degrees Celsius. The weather between October to February is favorable for those who like to see snow. There is heavy snowfall here in winter. If you are a newlywed couple, then this romantic season for you, you can also choose Munsiyari as a honeymoon. You can also go skiing here in winter. If you like to watch birds, then you can also take binoculars with you. Because in the winter season many rare species of birds are seen here.

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