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Nanda Devi National Park Uttarakhand

Nanda Devi National Park is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of India. Which is a magnificent and beautiful part of the Himalayas. This National Park is dominated by Nanda Devi Peak. Nanda Devi Peak is the second-highest peak in India. Nanda Devi National Park is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its topography, soil, and climate are unique. This park is spread over an area of ​​380 square kilometers, which also includes some parts of Rishi Ganga Gorge.

Nanda Devi National Park Sith is a geographical area between the Western and Eastern Himalayas. Which has some important similarities located in the Himalayas. Many large and different types of large mammals and common species of animals can be seen here. Snow leopards, blue mountain goats, Brahma Kamal, etc. are seen in the flora in this area. In order to preserve the biodiversity of this national park, the entry of Trekkers was banned in 1982. But when Nanda Devi National Park was included in the list of World Heritage Sites, it was opened for tourists.

History of Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi’s area is spread over an area of 630 square kilometers, this area was declared as Nanda Devi Sanctuary in 1939. After this, in 1982, Nanda Devi was made a national park, which is now the main area of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Nanda Devi National Park was made a World Heritage Site in the year 1988.

An attempt was made to establish Nanda Devi National Park by W.W. Graham in the year 1883, but W.W. Graham could reach only Rishi Ganga. After this many other explorers tried to go to Nanda Devi but all were unsuccessful. Later, Eric Shipton and H.W. Tilman crossed the sage Ganga and discovered the inner sanctuary. Which was declared as Nanda Devi National Park in 1939.

Flora and Funna at Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park has many rare florae. If we talk about some rich flora here, then cedar, juniper, and rhododendrons are prominent among them. The interior of the park is a dry climate with no vegetation of any kind. Green grasslands are present in the Ramani area of ​​the park.

If we talk about the animals found in Nanda Devi National Park, then here you get to see wild bharal, common serow, brown bear goral, snow leopard, common langur, wild brown bear, Himalayan musk deer, etc.

Places to Visit Near Nanda Devi National Park

Bhavishya Badri: Bhavishya Badri is one of the five major Badris, it is situated at a distance of 3 km from Tapovan. The local people believe about this place, that in the coming time this place will be changed to Badrinath. Because looking at the weather conditions here it is not known. From here you can take a walking tour of the Dholi Ganga river and enjoy the panoramic views.

Kalpeshwar: Kalpeshwar is one of the holy abodes of Lord Shiva, which is situated near Nanda Devi National Park. To reach here, you have to trek to Urgam village and trek for 3 km. Kalpeshwar Temple is one of the Panch Kedar, which is open throughout the year.

Milam Glacier: Milam Glacier is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, which is located at a distance of about 60 km from Munsiyari. It is a glacier trek located at an altitude of 7,065 in the Himalayas. It is the largest glacier in the Kumaon region, it is easy to reach here.

Roopkund: Roopkund Trek is situated at an altitude of 5000 meters in the Himalayas, which is known for the Roopkund Lake. This lake is completely frozen, and many mysteries are associated with it. Local people believe that when this lake melts, 100 skeletons are found floating on it, although it still remains a mystery. It is a great trekking destination, which is located close to Nanda Devi National Park.

Best Time To Visit Nanda Devi

If you are planning to trek to Nanda Devi National Park, then the best season to visit here is from May to October. Apart from this, you can also visit Nanda Devi National Park between mid-June to mid-September to get a better experience, during this season the beauty of the park is at its peak, and the weather is very pleasant. During this season the temperature in Nanda Devi National Park is around 22 to 32 degrees Celsius. The park is closed during the winter season as there is a lot of snowfall during this season.

Nanda Devi National Park Travel Tips

  • You enter Nanda Devi National Park with a group of five people. Each group is accompanied by a guide.
  • Tourists under the age of 14 are not allowed in the park
  • You will follow all the laws of the Wildlife Protection Act in Nanda Devi National Park.
  • You should get your medical checkup done before going on the Nanda Devi trek.
  • You should wear good and high-quality tracking shoes.
  • If you are going in the rainy season, then you should take a raincoat with you, and also take a pair of extra clothes.
  • You should take some such items for food, which can remain fresh for a few days because you will not find any restaurant to eat on the way.
  • You should make your booking in the month of June to September to visit Nanda Devi National Park, because the weather is also good in these months, and the tourist crowd is less here.
  • You can get a permit to go to the national park from the Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation office, which is located in Joshimath.
  • If you have never gone on a trekking expedition before, you should get yourself fit for a few days before trekking, for this you can walk, or even cycle.
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