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New Year Party in Jim Corbett National Park 2023

New Year Party in Jim Corbett : The New year is coming and is time to pack all your belongings and travel to Jim Corbett this festive season for a wonderful getaway with your loved ones. Jim Corbett creates a new world of celebrations!

Take part in winter-themed activities running throughout the month. From painting competitions to various contests and workshops, there are plenty of activities for all ages.

For those who would like to relax in the middle of the forest. The best option is to just sit on the swing to enjoy time in a relaxing atmosphere.

The New Year Celebration at Jim Corbett is Unforgettable

The countdown to New year at Jim Corbett is the mixing of plum cakes and serving dinners in a breath-taking atmosphere. These vibrant evenings are filled with music, dancing, with a bonfire while enjoying delicious food.

Get the adventure by watching Jim Corbett on New Year 2023 with your family and friends. The park is located near Delhi at about 280 miles, it’s the perfect spot to escape where you can unwind your body, mind, and soul.

It is a stunning landscape with a wide variety of fauna and flora. Jim Corbett National Park will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Set in a lush green forest and a serene setting, you can spend the New Year 2023 enjoying the variety of wildlife.

You can take advantage of the New Year Packages 2023 and dive into the most exciting adventure sports such as Rappelling, River Crossing, and Rock Climbing.

How To Reach Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is well connected to major cities of India via trains and roads. It is located in Ramnagar city in Uttarakhand situated 260 km away from New Delhi, which makes it easy to access.

The easiest method to reach Corbett National Park is by road from Delhi which takes about 6 hours. The closest railway station for Corbett is located in Ramnagar which is approximately 12km away. Corbett is linked by regular trains that connect all regions of India via New Delhi. The option of traveling towards Corbett National Park by air is not a popular choice for visitors.

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Famous Places Near Jim Corbett National Park

1. Corbett Water Fall

It is located at a distance of 25km from Ramnagar City by surface. The waterfall is nestled in the lush greenery and flows into a tiny lake-like pool. It’s a great location for picnics for large groups that visit Corbett National Park. The visitors can swim and can reenergize all bodily senses.

2. Dhangarhi Museum

Dhangarhi gate is located 20 kilometers away from Ramnagar railroad station. The museum was constructed at the main gate to the park. Its function is to intend the introduction of Jim Corbett National Park. The museum offers the best information on the topography of the park and the wildlife species that inhabit the park.

3. Kosi River

The River Kosi flows in a manner that is close to Corbett National Park and forms the eastern border within the Park. Although the river does into the National Park. Corbett are attracted to the river’s banks for drinking water, especially during pinch periods. The river is home to Masheer and is home to a variety of birds that migrate to the area.

This is why the region is ideal for those who want to watch birds. It’s a wonderful spot for children to sit by the river’s banks in the evening, sipping an ice-cold beer, and then read their favorite book.

4. Durga Devi Zone

Durga Devi Zone at Jim Corbett is well-known for its excursion through dense forests and hills. In addition to the regional fauna and flora, this charming zone also houses a wide variety of exotic birds.

Wild Elephants, Spotted and Barking Deer, Sambar, Jackals and the Black Faced Monkey can also be seen in this area.

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5. Rappelling

Rappelling is an extremely well-known sport within Jim Corbett National National Park that is famous because of its wild animals as well as its rough terrain. It’s a game that involves climbing up and then falling down an incline with a controlled method using an unrestrained rope. Since the region is filled with uneven rocky formations, there are many opportunities to participate in rappelling.

6. Dhela Area

Dhela area is the 6th eco-tourism area and the newest. It opened to visitors in the month of December. Just 20 km from Ramnagar. Dhela area in Corbett National Park is located close to its Jhirna Safari zone.

The vegetation and fauna are abundant in this region. The leopards, tigers, Asian elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras can be observed. The variety of birds that inhabit the Dhela zone is popular. Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are open to visitors throughout the day and later in the evening. The maximum number of visitors is 15 to access the area during an hour of shift. Bird watching is a popular activity in Dhela.

7. Kyari Camp

Kyari Camp is one of the most interesting places to visit in Jim Corbett due to its position deep in the Kotabagh valley as well as the region’s lush forest. If you’re looking to experience a rural environment visit this place which is a village-style residence.

For visitors to get a feeling of a hamlet this is an area that has no electricity. Solar or kerosene lamps provide lighting all night long. Also, in the mornings you can take part in many leisure activities like planting crops on farms and rock climbing, walking through natural preserves, scuba diving in the river, and rappelling downfalls. Therefore, put aside your city life for a few days and take a break from the experience of a village.

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Plan a Trip to Jim Corbett This New Year!

Jim Corbett National Park

New Year celebrations are the ideal option to let go of the year that is already passed and start the new one with fun and excitement what’s more enjoyable than taking a trip to some of the most exciting adventures located in Jim Corbett National Park?

It is located at the base of the Himalayas and surrounded by an astonishing and varied landscape of jungles, mountains, and streams, Corbett National Park has numerous species of wildlife and flora along with an enthralling adventure waiting to be experienced!

Jeep safari is among the best adventures available at this stop on the national map of India however, there’s plenty more to see and discover at Jim Corbett National Park. Luxury hotels in Corbett to are worthwhile places to stay and enjoy the tranquil nature and beauty that the park offers.

One of the most effective methods to begin your new year is to take part in bouncing and dancing adventure sports and other activities in Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett is for outdoor enthusiasts and nature-loving tourists. Plenty of thrilling activities such as river rafting, angling climbing on rocks, rappelling, and mountain biking make your heart delightful.

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