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Top 10 Places to Go for New Year’s Eve With Family

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve With Family : The New Year is certainly one of the most important occasions everyone is eager to it with their family members. If it’s greeting the New Year with a glass of champagne, a countdown celebration, or a private dinner, everyone is planning something special to celebrate the start of the New Year.

There are a variety of places to celebrate this new year with your family members. These places offer incredible views and host wild events and parties that will entice guests and celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

There is nothing more memorable than celebrating New Year with your close family members in a beautiful setting. If you’re not yet planning your celebration, check out this blog for an overview to learn about the most beautiful places to spend your New Year with your family members.

Places to Go for New Year’s Eve With Family 2023

  • Manali
  • Shimla
  • Pondicherry
  • Kerala
  • Nainital
  • Jaipur
  • Kasol
  • Mussoorie
  • Bangalore
  • Goa

1. Manali


Bid farewell to 2022 in the vast, white-snowy city of Manali. A private party with your family, friends, or loved ones is the best choice in Manali. You can also enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the hotel where fantastic celebrations are planned for tourists.

Plan a walk through the nearby areas such as Kufri, the Solang Valley, and Kufri. This will make your celebration even more energetic by putting your energy into the streets, which are topped with snow. Bring home beautiful photos and pleasant memories of New Year’s Eve at this incredible Hill Station.

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2. Shimla Queen of Himachal Pradesh

Shimla Hill Station

Are you planning to celebrate this new year with your family members? You must go to Shimla to enjoy the amidst snow-covered hills, stroll on Mall Road and enjoy a delicious meal there. Because it’s one of the most popular places to celebrate the new year.

The hotels as well as resorts located in Shimla organize festive New Year’s Eve parties to attract crowds from all over the country. It’s impossible to not enjoy all the fun Shimla offers at this time of year.

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3. Pondicherry


The beach-side parties are the primary draw of Pondicherry during New Year’s Eve celebrations, making it unique compared with other new year locations within India. Fireworks, bonfires on the beach, and celebrations in the city go on for the entire night.

Street performances that are insane within the town are a hell of an experience to keep an eye out for. Travelers and youths are getting ready for this day earlier in hopes to experience the fullness of it. Get the trip to Pondicherry this New Year to get the most out of this incredibly special moment in time.

4. Kerala


Kerala is another well-known holiday destination known for its thrilling New Year festivals and celebrations with your family members in India. It is possible to have an exciting beach party or choose an ideal celebration on an onboard houseboat while enjoying the backwaters on New Year’s Eve.

The carnivals, lavish celebrations, delicious wines, and cakes are sure to make your New year more enjoyable. A relaxing holiday and welcoming the New Year at this beautiful holiday destination in India will surely relax the mind and refresh the senses.

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5. Nainital is the Land of Lakes

Nainital Tourism

Its Himalayan splendor and mystical beauty that surround Nainital. It draws visitors from far-off lands. While Naini Lake is renowned for its breathtaking views and is surrounded by mountains that are the Great Himalayan peaks,

the Nainital Zoo treasures rare species of wildlife, such as snow leopards as well as steppe eagles, and Himalayan black bears. Another must-do task is a cup of tea with butter on the sweeping valleys surrounding Nainital that makes Nainital the best places to celebrate new year in India 2023

6. Jaipur


If you’re in search of the most beautiful best places to celebrate new year in india 2023 then Jaipur is the place to be. This Pink City magnificently celebrates the New Year. This New Year celebration incorporates the cultural and traditional values of the region. The best spot to enjoy the genuine New Year celebration in Jaipur is Chokhi Dhani.

From traditional games to the local cuisine, you can sample all the elements of the tradition. If you’re in search of the most royal way to experience the party, you can stay as a guest at any of the royal hotels or palaces. Every lounge and hotel within the region will host classic celebrations and events.

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7. Kasol


Why not celebrate the New Year in the remotest of places and amid nature’s pure bliss? Kasol is a perfect location for hipster-styled New Year celebrations. If you’re seeking a tranquil and peaceful way to commemorate the end of this year with your family members, consider choosing an unspoiled spot in Kasol and putting up a tent, and then enjoy an intimate party with your pals. Because of the clear skies in December, you’ll be able to take in an evening of stars. 

8. Mussoorie

Mussoorie Tourism

Mussoorie is the Queen of all Hill Station. The beautiful natural beauty is famous for its pure New Year celebration. If you’re looking to stay clear of the hustle and bustle of the holiday it is the perfect spot to go. Experience the magnificent Everest background while camping to enjoy a peaceful and quiet celebration.

If you’re seeking a simple party looks no further than Mall Road or Gun Hill. The local hotels and pubs are planning fantastic themes or an authentic New Year celebration with music dancing, booze, and dance. It is crucial to select the most suitable hill station to celebrate the New Year.

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9. Bangalore


With a pleasant climate and bustling atmosphere, Bangalore, the IT country hub, is considered to be one of the most popular cities in India to enjoy New Year’s Eve. With numerous open spaces of lush green bars, parks, cafes, and amusement centers, Bangalore has a lot of possibilities and breath-taking tourist attractions make people feel festive.

Bangalore is home to amazing accommodations and hotels, a variety of nightclubs that feature DJs with the most impressive skills, and amazing crowds that are ready to party. There are some fine dining establishments in Bangalore that are also worth trying like Nagarjuna, Smally’s Resto Cafe as well as The Humming Tree.

10. Goa


Famous for its stunning beaches, delicious seafood, and wild nightclubs.  Goa is a rocking location for New Year celebrations. The trance-like rhythm of trance while drinking cheap beers is something you’ll be able to resist all night.

To celebrate the holidays with your family members this night, you can go to the midnight mass at the local churches in Goa as well as sing New year’s carols. We guarantee that you will not be stuck in places to go in India during New year time during the celebrations.

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The Bottom Line

Different locations in India offer unique customs for the celebrations of the New Year. We hope that our list of destinations helps you pick the perfect holiday destination.

Let the holiday season and the New Year celebrations be one to remember by traveling to these incredible destinations in India.

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