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10 Secret Places In Mumbai For Couples

Secret Places In Mumbai For Couples : Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. From its vibrant nightlife to its bustling business district, this metropolis never slows down. That said, there are times when even Mumbai’s frenzied pace can be too much for some couples. That’s where secret places in Mumbai come in handy. Here are ten such places that are perfect for a romantic getaway –

10 Secret Places In Mumbai For Couples That Are Perfect For A Romantic Getaway

1. Madh Island, Mumbai

Madh Island Beach

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the city and relax, look no further than Madh Island. This small island is known for its secluded coves, stunning beaches, and lush vegetation. It’s perfect for couples who want to enjoy some privacy and peace.

The best way to explore Madh Island is by cycling or on foot. There are several trails that wind through the island’s forests, past crystal-clear lakes and lush gardens. Once you arrive at one of the island’s many beaches, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful sunsets and tranquil ocean views.

2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Mumbai, consider visiting Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This park is located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, and it features beautiful gardens and wildlife. You can see tigers, leopards, elephants, and many other animals while you’re there.

Additionally, the park has plenty of trails that will let you explore its many hidden corners. So whether you’re looking for an escape from the city or just a place to relax and reconnect with each other, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a great option for couples.

3. Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Elephanta Caves, one of the most popular attractions in Mumbai, offers a serene and romantic experience for couples. The caves are filled with intricate carvings and sculptures dating back to the 12th century. A perfect spot for a quiet afternoon or evening escape, the coves are well-lit and relatively free of crowds.

4. Linking Road, Mumbai

Linking Road in Mumbai is the perfect destination for couples looking to get away from it all. Located in the heart of India’s most populous city, this peaceful spot offers plenty of romantic activities for two lovebirds to enjoy.

From shopping at the bustling street markets and exploring quaint cafes, to taking a stroll along Juhu Beach or simply enjoying some quality time together, Linking Road has something special to offer couples looking for an intimate escape.

Whether you’re planning a romantic night out or just want to take your relationship up a notch, Linking Road is one of the secret places in Mumbai that will surely add sparkle and romance into any couple’s experience.

5. Pali Village Café, Mumbai

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the city and relax, look no further than Pali Village Café in Mumbai. This quaint café is perfect for couples who want a quiet and romantic spot to spend their time together.

The cafe has a cozy atmosphere with beautiful wood floors and traditional Indian furniture. The walls are decorated with old photos of Pali Village and its neighboring villages.

If you’re looking to take your sweetheart on a special date, Pali Village Café is the perfect place for you!

6. Marine Drive, Mumbai

Marine Drive

Looking for a romantic getaway in Mumbai? Look no further than Marine Drive. This scenic coastal drive offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea and is perfect for couples who want to escape the city buzz and relax in serene surroundings.

Start your trip by parking your car at the Fort area and taking a leisurely walk or cycle ride down to the beach. Once you reach the sand, take in all the sights and sounds of Mumbai’s busy harbourside before settling down for some refreshing seafood lunch at one of Marine Drive’s many waterfront restaurants.

After lunch, make your way back up to Marine Drive and take a stroll along its wooden promenade, stopping to admire the gorgeous colonial-era mansions that line it. If you’re feeling lazy, take a seat on one of Marine Drive’s benches for some peaceful contemplation of nature’s beauty.

When night falls, make your way down to the seafront again for some amazing views of Mumbai’s glittering skyline illuminated by thousands of lights. Don’t forget to enjoy a lovely dinner at an atmospheric restaurant while you watch the city come alive!

7. Karnala Fort, Mumbai

Karnala Fort, Mumbai

Karnala Fort, Mumbai is a place that couples can visit to experience the beauty of nature. The fort is located in Maharashtra and is an important tourist destination. It offers a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea and it also has a lot of history behind it.

There are many attractions at the fort that can be enjoyed by couples. Some of these include the gardens, the zoo, and the restaurants. There are also many trails that lead to different parts of the fort.

8. Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

Prithvi Theatre is one of the most secret and romantic places in Mumbai for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This theater is situated in Colaba and provides a secluded atmosphere perfect for a romantic getaway.

The theater offers a number of facilities such as plush seating, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, and an extensive menu that includes starters, main courses, desserts, drinks and coffee. It also has a private event hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests.

9. Chota Kashmir, Mumbai

Chota Kashmir Mumbai

Chhota Kashmir, Mumbai is one of the most romantic places to be in Mumbai. It’s a small, hidden area that has some of the best views in the city.

You can find this place by following the winding roads that lead up to the hills. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes up there where you can enjoy your time together.

10. Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

Hanging Gardens, Mumbai

The “Hanging Gardens” in Mumbai are a must-see for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The gardens, which are said to date back to the 1700s, are situated on a hilltop and offer stunning views of the cityscape. There is also a small waterfall that is perfect for swimming or just taking a relaxing walk.


If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Mumbai, consider checking out some of the city’s secret places. From secluded beaches to beautiful gardens, these spots are perfect for a quiet escape with your loved one. So whatever your plans for this weekend – make sure to include a trip to one of Mumbai’s hidden gems!

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