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7 Best Snow Places in Uttarakhand in Summer

Snow Places in Uttarakhand in Summer – To escape the heat of the city, many tourists search for snowfall places in Uttarakhand in summer. It is an incredible experience to spend a holiday in a cool place in the mountains, away from the crowd. However, in winter, there is snow in all the hill stations of Uttarakhand. But in summer there are only a few hill stations of Uttarakhand, where you can see snow.

When you go to places where there is snowfall, when you walk on snow, you feel the crunching sound, which is very pleasurable. Let us know about such places where there is snowfall in Uttarakhand even in the summer season. Although hill stations will be very few in this list because in summer there is less snowfall in the hill station. Here we are going to give you a list of some such trekking destinations, where you will get snowfall even in summer –

7 Best Snow Places in Uttarakhand in Summer

1. Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Nanda Devi is a 7,817 m high peak in the Himalayas. It is the second-highest peak in India. You can also see snow during the summer season while trekking Nanda Devi East Base Camp. Although this trek is a difficult level trek, for this you need to prepare beforehand by exercising, etc. As you grow in height, difficulties start coming in front of you. During the trekking route, you will see many beautiful waterfalls and lush green meadows, and villages. During the trek, you have the opportunity to pay homage at the Nanda Devi Temple, which is situated in the shadow of the mighty victim of Martoli.

2. Kalindi Khal Trek

Kalindi Khal Trek

Kalindikhal Trek is situated at an altitude of 5,942 meters above sea level in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. It is a difficult level trek, where ice rocks keep sliding at every step. You visit here in any season, it is covered with a thick sheet of snow. You need the experience to do this trek. During the journey of the Kalindi Khal trek, you get to see the Bhagirathi river and the Himalayan peaks like Mount Satopanth (7075 m), Vasuki, Bhagirathi, Shivling (6543 m), and Chandra Parvat during the Alaknanda river valley. Apart from this, you can also see many lakes like Vasuki Tal (4880 m) during your trek. This is an amazing trek.

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3. Garuda Peak Climbing Trek

Garuda Peak Climbing Trek

Garuda is one of the lesser known trekking destination of Uttarakhand. Which is situated at an altitude of 6000 meters above sea level. During Garud Peak trekking, you get a chance to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Including mighty mountains, remote villages, and glaciers. The journey of Garuda Peak starts from Jumma in Uttarakhand, this place is situated at a distance of about 45 kms from Joshimath.

What one does at Dronagiri village, you also get an opportunity to interact with the local village people during the trekking trip. During this trek, you can see some amazing peaks of the Himalayas, including Hathi Parvat (6507 m), Gauri Parvat (6708 m), Satminal (6911 m), Dunagiri Parvat (7066 m), Trishul Parvat (7120 m), Mount Kalank (6931 m), Changbang is included.

4. Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar Tal Trek is one of the magical treks of Uttarakhand, which is situated at an altitude of 4,750 meters above sea level in the Himalayas. If you are planning to see the snow-capped peaks in the summer season, then this trek is a perfect option for you. During which you can touch the snow even in the summer season. During the Kedar Tal trek, you can see mountains like Alpine Lake, Thalaisagar, Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Jogin, Gangotri, etc. The view of the sunset during Kedartal is unforgettable.

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5. Bali Pass Trek

Bali Pass Trek

Bali pass trek is an ideal option to experience the coolness in the summer season. Bali Pass Trek is a difficult level trek situated at an altitude of 4939 meters in Uttarakhand. Which connects Yamanotri, and Har ki Doon valley to provide an exciting experience. During trekking, you can see the ancient villages of Uttarakhand, alpine meadows, Ruinsara lake and river etc. The journey of Bali Pass trek starts from the taluka, which is a short distance away from the village of Sankri. Many treks of Uttarakhand start from Sankri village. The major attraction of the Bali trek is the confluence of the rivers Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara.

6. Bagini Glacier Trek

Bagini Glacier Trek

Bagini Glacier Trek is a great trek in Uttarakhand during the summer season. Bagini Glacier is situated at an altitude of 14,816 feet in the Himalayas. This trek can be done between May to mid-June. To be honest, Bagini Glacier Trek gives you an experience like Everest Base Camp Trek. The trek starts from Jumma, which is about an hour’s drive from Joshimath.

The Bagini Glacier Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in Uttarakhand, during your trekking you pass through many remote villages and the middle of the Alpine of Dronagiri. Along with this, you can see some magnificent peaks of the Himalayas closely, with Changbang and Kalaka being the main ones. Bagini Glacier is a moderate to difficult level trek. If you want to escape from this summer season to a cooler place, then you must visit Bagini Glacier.

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7. Hemkund Sahib Trek

Hemkund Sahib Trek

Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara is a holy place, which holds great importance for Hindus and Sikhs. Hemkunt Sahib is no less than a heaven. An ancient holy lake is present just in front of the Gurudwara, in front of it is a mountain covered with snow. The best time to visit Hemkunt Sahib is during the summer season. Surrounded by forest on all sides, Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara also displays many waterfalls to you. Here the weather changes in the blink of an eye. Sun and clouds keep coming and going in the sky.

The month of July is suitable for visiting here during the summer season, at which time the gates of Hemkunt Sahib are open. You will have to trek to reach the Gurudwara, as there are no proper roads to reach here. But many breathtaking and mesmerizing views make your journey comfortable. This journey gives you positive energy, you feel peace. You have to start the trekking journey from Govindghat to reach Hemkunt Sahib, a trek of about 13 km from here. If you have a lot of luggage, you can also take a mule for rent.

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